If your child is ill, please call the school office on 0117 903 0075 by 9.00 am on the morning of their first absence to let us know, and each subsequent day. If we do not receive notification about your child’s absence we will call or text you during the first session to enquire as to why your child is not in school. This is in line with recommended safeguarding procedures.

If you think your child has possible Covid-19 symptoms, then call 111 and recall the information to them for clarification.

Sickness & diarrhoea – If your child has vomited, they should not return to school until 48 hours after their last bout of sickness. This is in line with NHS recommendations and helps prevent the spread of infections through the school community.

Other childhood illnesses: There is a useful document on the Public Health England  website which outlines the number of days a child should be absent for due to illnesses such as Scarlet Fever, Chicken Pox and Impetigo here

If your child becomes unwell during the school day, we will contact you via the three emergency numbers we hold for your child. Please ensure that we are informed of any changes to these contacts.

Parental Responsibility

It is important that everyone works together to help children obtain the best possible start in life with a good education.  As a school we need to work in partnership with parents so that all children have good school attendance and do not miss out on essential learning. It is a parents responsibility to notify the school of the reason for any of their child’s absences and highlighting any areas of concern they may have so they can be addressed promptly.

If you are having difficulties with ensuring that your child attends school regularly and on time, please contact Polly Stokes, Attendance Manager via the school office. Working together usually results in positive outcomes for our children and we have experience of supporting children and families through difficult situations.